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Joining the challenge is the first step. After just five days you could get this:

More quality time with family
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Peace of Mind Woman
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More quality time with your family, friends, and the people that matter to you. 

Spend distraction-free time with the people you love.

More time to get your biz off the ground.

Or have more time to work on your resume, your passion project, or that personal goal you've been wanting to accomplish.  

Peace of mind because your important activities are taken care of. 

Learn to identify what to let go of and what to do more of.  

Freedom from mindlessly doing tasks that aren't impactful.  

Get off the hamster wheel of to-do lists that don't move the needle forward. Stop checking boxes just to check boxes.


"Do the challenge because the system works. Trust in the process." 

Tracie M., Working Mom & Director of Marketing

"I felt like this was meant for me, you struck a chord. It really kind of made me stop and realize I am just winging it everyday!" 

Kelly T., Working Mom & Client Benefits Coordinator


Audio Files: so you can listen on the go.

You need it to be convenient-- I've got you covered. The five days of training is presented in an audio format, like a podcast, so you can listen anytime. No excuses.  

Short and sweet: learn in 15 minutes or less.

I know your time is limited and precious and I promise not to waste a minute of it. Pop in those earbuds and in less than 15 minutes, you'll have learned the day's lesson!  

Start today: no special tools needed.

You'll be given immediate access to the challenge once you sign up. Everything you need to complete this challenge is included--you don't need to buy any tools, planners, or download any apps. We'll deliver beautiful printable worksheets and resources to your e-mail inbox every day of the Challenge. All you need to do is sign up and open your e-mail!


Aloha. I'm Jen Wilson.

I'm a busy working mom and for years, I was stuck on the hamster wheel of kids, family, and work (my kids are now 14 and 10). To keep up with the day to day, I was determined to be productive and organized in running my own household. I felt uber qualified to do this because at my day job, I coach Business Owners to use systems and processes to be efficient and profitable. 

I was checking off boxes and getting things done, yet I didn't have a spare minute in my day. I had dreams of starting a side biz but the voice inside my head said: "You don't have the time."

Ahhh....those pesky dreams. They'd find a way to sneak into my consciousness. I realized that if I wanted to achieve those dreams, I needed to do something different. The methods I was using weren't working--I was battling time and losing. So I decided to try to figure out a way to win the time game. I read books, used a bunch of different planners, tried various systems and downloaded lots of productivity apps. And after all of that--cue the celebration--I finally figured out a time management system that works.  

The result is a system where I'm able to harness the time I need to work on my biz--and the time to devote to the people and the things I love. 

I want to help you do the same. 

Want to change careers? Go for a big promotion? Or quit the day job? You need the time to focus, and I can help you with that too.

Oh! And by the way, at my 9-5 as a Business and Process Coach, I help overwhelmed entrepreneurs gain clarity and focus in order to maximize efficiency and grow their businesses. But my real jam? Helping working moms (you!) through the same process as my business clients--to help you imagine the possibilities, get clear, and take purposeful next steps toward living your ideal life.

Jen Wilson Success Coach for Working Moms

"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results". 

-Albert Einstein

Don't be insane. Try on a new approach to managing your time.